Mark Edmondson, Hip & Knee Surgeon
Welcome to Mark Edmondson's website. Mark is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. He specialises in Hip, Knee and trauma surgery. He offers a full range of Hip surgery including small incision hip replacement, hip resurfacing, and revision (redo surgery) hip replacement. He also performs knee replacement and keyhole knee surgery. His other interest is complex trauma of the upper and lower limbs, and in particular fractures into the joints and fractures of and around joint replacements.

Surgical Procedures

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Hip Replacement Surgery

This is one of the most successful medical procedures of the modern era. It involves removing the diseased and damaged hip joint and replacing with a prosthetic joint, normally under a regional anaesthetic. Modern hip replacements function exceptionally well and are expected to do so for at least 20 years (although about 80% will last for more than 30 years).

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Knee Replacement Surgery

This is a very successful operation for getting rid of the pain of arthritis in the knees. It involves removing the diseased joint surfaces of the knee and resurfacing them with a prosthesis, normally under a regional anaesthetic. Knee replacements should be expected to function well up to around 20 years.

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Trauma Surgery

This involves the surgical fixation of fractures, ligament and muscular tears. The aim of surgical repair of injuries is to speed up the recovery process and ensure optimal function is returned to the injured limb as soon as possible. Fixation of the fractures allows early weight bearing and joint movement, which would not be possible with traditional casting of the injury. This allows rehabilitation to start immediately and return to function, work and/or sport earlier.

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".... I came around after Mr Edmondsons surgery having felt nor heard a thing that had transpired during the operation, I was then given a cup of tea and wheeled back to my room. 2h later I was gingerly using my crutches to transfer from my bed to the washroom. 4h later I heard footsteps coming into the room and the familiar sound of a crash helmet being placed on the floor it was Mr Edmondson who had come to check on me before he went home. Conversation soon got round to a mutual passion for motorcycling, something that I had been experiencing difficulty with due to the pain and restricted movement in my hip. I stayed the next day in Hospital and was discharged the following morning, I managed to convey myself on crutches into the car and home, time to reflect upon the dilemma of which was to be the more painful, the hip or the prospect of being driven by members of my family.
I had suffered for quite sometime with pain and restricted movement. Had I known the reality of hip replacement surgery then I would have done it a lot sooner. Now a year on I am enjoying playing cricket and my motorcycle and that as they say is "priceless".

As for Mr Edmondson he is down home, approachable and from my experience a brilliant surgeon who has earned my eternal gratitude."

Jonathan Swinscoe