Mini Hip Replacement for the Young Active Patient

This specially designed mini hip replacement procedure is ideally suited to the younger active patient.

It is an uncemented stem, with hydroxyapatite coating which encourages rapid bone growth into the prosthesis.  It is anchored in the femoral neck (as opposed to the femoral shaft as in conventional hip replacement) so will feel more natural for the patient than a conventional prosthesis. Also the anchoring in the femoral neck means that recreation of the patient’s specific anatomy is much more accurate, meaning stability and range of motion are optimised and personal to the patient.  Further benefits of the component being anchored in the femoral neck are that it requires less bone removal to implant it. It is also more sparing of the important soft tissues around the hip joint meaning earlier return to function and again more natural feeling of the implant. Anatomically it will behave more like a resurfacing arthroplasty without the significant risks of having a ‘metal on metal’ implant.

Further benefits of leaving more bone during the primary operation means that in the unlikely event that the prosthesis needs removing or changing many years down the line the revision less destructive and the reconstruction can therefore be more like a primary hip replacement than a revision.

Short stem mini hip for the young active patient

Short stem mini hip for the young active patient



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