Below are just a few messages from some of the patients I have treated

"I wanted to express my thanks for your kind, careful and professional treatment that I received from you during my stay at the Montefiore Hospital last week. The procedure went well, as you know, but the level of kindness during aftercare, that I was shown by you and your team, was priceless."

Geoff Fowler

"Since my surgery a year and half ago for a hip replacement I walk at least two to three miles a day and I have no problems with my new hip at all I was very fortunate to have had my operation in nice surroundings and on the NHS, by a very competent surgeon Mr Mark Edmondson"

Mr J Burns

"Mr Mark Edmondson, On my first appointment, very professional MRI scans organised very quickly, and he was right in his diagnosis, when he first met met, with out seeing scans, amazing, felt very safe have my operation with him, has a very professional manner , lucky me thank you. Excellent staff, my consultant, Mr Mark Edmondson, was very professional, such a nice personality, I felt very safe, and well cared for, an amazing hospital, very well-run. Mr Edmondson's care has been excellent. I couldn't have received better attention. He advised me confidently regarding the surgery and was able to assure me, he detailed the procedure and follow up. Excellent attention to detail. I only been home one night but already feeling some of benefit, I couldn't ask for more."

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"I had every confidence in Mr Edmondson and found him very approachable, and professional."

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"Mr Edmonson was very clear about the procedure and potential recovery period. He was very kind and professional. This is day 3 after my knee arthroscopy and I am doing extremely well thanks to his expertise."

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"Everything was explained in terms that I could understand with kindness and understanding"

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"I would like to say that my Hip and Knee replacement surgery was carried out by Mr Edmondson with great skill and excellent care. I am now pain free and mobile again. Should I ever need more surgery I would definitely prefer to come to The Montefiore Hospital with Mr Edmondson."

Gweneth Denman

"Thank you so much for making time to meet with me today. I’ll be honest I was really a bit in shock that you were as certain as you were, it would be necessary to undergo this operation on both hips.
And despite all of the anxiety and fears that I currently feel swamped with surrounding the prospect of a double hip replacement, and everything which accompanies that for me, I most specifically wanted to say that having met you today, I am confident of one thing at least, which is that I could not have been any luckier in finding the best possible person I could have ended up with for doing what apparently needs to be done."

Simon Baker

"I have to thank Mr Edmondson without his help I would be waiting for a very long time"

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"I recently had a full hip replacement done by yourself I am very happy with the outcome everything is fine I am pain free and back to work as a roofer. Everything Mr Edmondson told me to do after surgery I carried out he made everything clear to me what he was going to do during surgery and what to expect after the op overall I am very happy with how it all went"

Robert Clarke

".... I came around after Mr Edmondsons surgery having felt nor heard a thing that had transpired during the operation, I was then given a cup of tea and wheeled back to my room. 2h later I was gingerly using my crutches to transfer from my bed to the washroom. 4h later I heard footsteps coming into the room and the familiar sound of a crash helmet being placed on the floor it was Mr Edmondson who had come to check on me before he went home. Conversation soon got round to a mutual passion for motorcycling, something that I had been experiencing difficulty with due to the pain and restricted movement in my hip. I stayed the next day in Hospital and was discharged the following morning, I managed to convey myself on crutches into the car and home, time to reflect upon the dilemma of which was to be the more painful, the hip or the prospect of being driven by members of my family.
I had suffered for quite sometime with pain and restricted movement. Had I known the reality of hip replacement surgery then I would have done it a lot sooner. Now a year on I am enjoying playing cricket and my motorcycle and that as they say is "priceless".

As for Mr Edmondson he is down home, approachable and from my experience a brilliant surgeon who has earned my eternal gratitude."

Jonathan Swinscoe

The most outstanding Consultant I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was approachable, understanding and extremely professional I felt 150% safe with him, and I knew I would get the same quality of treatment and care from him, which I did.

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

Really professional and courteous whilst demonstrating real care. Reassuring and confident with an appropriate sense of humour.

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"My consultant (Mr Edmondson) was amazing and put my mind at ease"

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"I am more than happy to highly recommend him as a surgeon, and also as a very caring and thoughtful professional person."

Jeremy Key

Mark is such a lovely man and puts patients at ease and explains exactly what is going on and listens to patients queries . You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful person at your hospital .

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"I thought he explained what he was doing and why very well, when I said I might have another problem he said he would look at that on my follow up and talk to a colleague about it, which I felt was very helpful. He was professional and friendly and confident"

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"Following on from my hip surgery with Mr Edmondson and his team last year, first class from start to the time I was sent home ,along with the after care first class, after I had hip done I was able to go to the driving range after 8 weeks and play 18 holes with a buggy after 10 weeks hip was fine I now play twice a week, many thanks to Mr Edmondson and his team and to the Monterfiore Hospital for their care"

Alan Mepham

First class clinical care was delivered in a very approachable and personable manner. I felt well treated, listened to and able to ask questions and was provided with all required information and reassurance as well as excellent hands on care.

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"Mr Edmondson replaced my left Hip at the end of March 2016 and I found him to be very professional, courteous and informative. The operation was completely successful and I encountered absolutely no further problems whatsoever. His follow up after the operation was also very thorough. If I ever have to have my right hip done, I would hope that Mr Edmondson would be the surgeon."

Alan Hastings-Jones

"Mr. Edmondson was very informative and explained the process from beginning to end I felt in good hands and fully confident that my procedure would be a success."

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"Friendly, attentive, very clear and caring. I felt confident that the very best treatment would be attempted. Risks were explained and at all times I felt it was my choice to proceed."

Patient feedback (June 2022)

Very approachable and kept me fully informed at all times.

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

He seems to be absolutely on top of things, with lots of experience, and he is always displaying a very friendly and approachable attitude. Very highly recommendable. I will use him again in the future in case I need any similar procedure (hip/knee), and I will also recommend him to all my colleagues as well.

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"It is now a year since my first hip replacement and over six months since my second. I really appreciated your friendly, they need doing, let's get on and do it style and your close monitoring of me including visits to the Ward over the weekend on both occasions, which facilitated me going home when I was ready. I recovered quickly, without any complications and I am very grateful for your (and the team assisting you) skill and expertise enabling me to bound forward, including many long walks and skiing next year. Well played. Thank you."

Paul Strangeman

"After last September 2016 surgery of my hip replacement I would like to commend you for your fast good service which left me pain free and can only thank you for your surgery and services , hoping the other hip replacement surgery in July 2017 will be the same."

Mr Jeremy Morley

"Mr. Edmondson presented a clear outline of what my needs were and what he was able to provide in order to satisfy those needs. He had a very friendly approach and treated me with understanding and a kindness that is almost impossible to find in our overworked NHS. My consultant, Mr. Edmondson was the perfect professional gentleman and one of exemplary skills. The required procedure, associated risks and benefits were all explained by him in clear and concise terms that were easy to understand."

Mr G S

"I've been in for surgery with him before and I came back for more :-)"

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"....there was no pain after my hip operation and I was back at home 2 nights later. During my inpatient stay, Mr Edmondson showed great concern for my wellbeing and said that the operation had been 100% successful.

I was followed up by Mr Edmondson at regular intervals after surgery: each time I had an X-Ray and was informed that all was well with the new joint.

My final visit was made to see Mr Edmondson at 6months after surgery, by this stage I had returned to my Gym (an hour fours days per week) and was fully back into sailing/racing my dinghy at weekends – at which he was very pleased.

I cannot thank Mr Edmondson enough for his excellent ‘repair’ work to my hip and for his kindness and attention to my welfare."

Alan F A Simmons

He did a great job!

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"I've just returned from a successful Skiing holiday after having both Hips replaced by him in 2016. Wonderful being able to stop and turn both ways as most resorts don't only turn left. Thank you"

Paul Strangeman

"My consultant, Mr Edmondson, was the perfect professional gentleman and one of exemplary skills. The required procedure, associated risks and benefits were all explained by him in clear and concise terms that were easy to understand"

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

Very reassuring and competent as well as good at explaining everything needed. My op was pain free and went well.

Anonymous feedback, Montefiore Hospital

"It is just 3 months since Mr Edmondson completed my hip replacement surgery. The whole process was done with consideration and understanding, even my dumb questions were answered from the outset. The result has far exceeded my expectation. I was playing golf after 2 months, with a buggy. I am now able to walk our very hilly course with ease. The only downside is there has been no improvement in the golf. I guess you cant have everything."

Gary Halewood

"I was referred to Mr Edmondson by my GP, with a very painful degenerating hip. He was friendly, informal yet very professional. I felt confident that I was in very safe hands. Mr Edmondson saw me in the hospital at least three times post-op, always friendly, always informative. Thanks to the expertise of a very likeable, humble man and an excellent support team, my dread was turned into a surprising adventure."

Angela Walters

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